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angelt - 1092 days ago
Why cant we live stream? Also when i watch CVM on my television its not as clear as TVJ and CVM shows picture delays...what you seeing is not what you hearing...speech delay. Please fix!
courtneya - 1130 days ago
Why don't you all just abandon this, whatever it is
laureen - 1155 days ago
Live stream is disgusting!!!!!
latep - 1202 days ago
live stream not workig properly
bibi - 1208 days ago
laureen - 1266 days ago
Fed up with this station !!!!
laureen - 1266 days ago
This is ridiculous can't connect
michelles - 1280 days ago
Please fix Live Stream.....why it gives so much error code: hls:4...come do better!!
dushane - 1311 days ago
why i cant stream
sanchin16 - 1333 days ago
Why am I having so many problem with live stream you all need to fix it know