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About Us

Under license of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica, CVM Television Limited (CVM TV) broadcasts 24 hours of scheduled programming each day. CVM TV aims to maintain high quality, first-world broadcasting standards and ongoing coverage across the entire island at all times, with transmitters located in all 14 parishes.

CVM TV was the second broadcasting station of its kind in Jamaica and was incorporated on July 31, 1990, granted a license to operate in March 1991 and began to provide commercial television services in March 1993. Today CVM TV has a subsidiary company; CVM Productions Ltd and a Cable Channel; CVM Plus.

CVM TV offers a variety of attractive and competitive packages to its advertisers and a wide variety of programs for viewers to enjoy. The station continues to look for additional innovative avenues to engage the public while enhancing our packages for our Advertising Partners, as seen in the total overhaul of the prime time news package in 2017, now called; CVM Live.

CVM LIVE is Jamaica's first and only 90 minute News Programme consisting of three distinctive 30-minute segments spanning: breaking news stories, top news and investigative stories, current affairs discussion,  government and private sector accountability, business, live reporting, social media, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and weather. The framework of this game changing news programme is built around four pillars: visually enticing, bite sized information, fluid in its delivery and at all times informative, fulfilling the mandate of media to inform, educate and entertain. While this represents a whole new format, at no time is the hallmark integrity or factual reporting of CVM news compromised. The news programme is intended to be a stimulating experience for the viewer and not just mundane news. We excite the audience each and every night to return to the next programme and look forward to what’s to come. It’s best defined as an Intelligent Sustainable News Experience. Each evening we leave the audience with the feeling that CVM is reaching for the stars and they are on the mission with us.

CVM TV endeavors to bring to the public, fair and fearless news, along with first-grade locally produced and top-notch internationally sourced entertainment programming. Closed Captioning is available for the hearing impaired and the public is free to stream our programs LIVE on the web at cvmtv.com.

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